Wednesday, 30 January 2013

How to make apple crumble

Today kak Umi wanted me to teach her how to make apple crumble. I thought it would be good idea to post it on my blog too, in case there are people out there who also want to know. So no need to ask me anymore, make it yourself guys! 

I think the great thing about apple crumble is that you most likely already have the ingredients in your house. If you don't, then go to Tesco and buy it. It's super cheap and not at all troubling. Also, this recipe can be altered to your own tasting. You can use other fillings.

- Apples
- Strawberry Jam
- Crumble mix (plain flour, butter,                    
  sugar, salt)
- Cinnamon, sugar, and salt, to taste.

Wash and peel the apples

The apples that I used were whatever I had in the fridge. They were super small and sweet. I didn't think it would make much of a difference to the taste, but it does. I usually buy the cheapest ones in Tesco so they aren't too small and are kind of sour (which I realised is good for my recipe because I like to add jam).      

Cut the apples 

Don't forget to remove the core and the seeds. The smaller you cut them, the less time it takes for them to cook on the stove. And I prefer to cut them chunky rather than slice them thinly. I don't know why...

Cook them on the stove

Make sure you cook the apples with just enough water so that it's not too dry but also not too watery! Apple crumble is not a liquid. Add or take out water if needed.

The reason I cook it, is so that it's soft and will take less time to cook in the  oven. It also gives me a chance to add a bit of cinnamon flavour and salt and sugar to taste. So just do this to your preference because I don't have a specific amount that I add in. I just guess every time.

So, once it's soft, you can mash it to make it super soft. I tend to mash up 60% so there's a mixture of textures.

Spread it out evenly on your baking tray

Add and spread a layer of jam on the top

The reason I add jam is because the cheap apples from Tesco tend to be a bit sour and the jam neutralises that. And because jam is cheaper than actual strawberries.

Maybe one day I will try an assortment of fruits. Fruit crumble?

Top it with crumble mix

The packet on the left was leftover crumble mix and it's branded but Tesco brand works just as fine and costs less than £1!

If you don't want to buy it, you can make it. You just need plain four, butter, sugar and salt.

Rub the butter into the flour using your fingertips until it resembles soft breadcrumbs.

Add sugar and salt to taste and mix.

(Optional - add crushed almonds)

Pop into the oven and bake for 20 minutes

I usually put the oven on whatever temperature and bake until the apple starts bubbling over the edge. And the crumble has turned golden brown and is slightly crunchy.

Yay, it's ready~


Yummy, yummy. You can choose to eat it with whatever you want.

- Custard
- Ice-cream!
- Evaporated milk
- Whatever else you can think of

Okay, now I have to go do my assignment ;___; bye.

Thinking of food

One of the amazing things that happened whilst I was in Malaysia was that, whenever I had a craving for a kind of food, it was always available. Especially when I'm in the car, on the way to visit someone's house and I say or think "I hope they have roti jala" or "I really miss eating potatoes" and when we'd get there, boom. They had it. Exactly what I wanted. It was magical. But here, whenever I crave murtabak or kueyteow... it's just a dream.

Saturday, 26 January 2013


Love your siblings, love your parents, love your family. Because they are the ones who know you best, they are the ones who have and will take care of you, they are the ones that you share special memories with, and have gone through thick and thin with. Treat them how you want to be treated; "Love for your brother what you love for yourself." Wish the best for them, pray for them, fight for them. No matter what we go through, how many friends we make and how many people leave us, at the end of the day, I know we will always have each other. And without my family, I would not be the person I am today. And for that, I thank them and I thank Him.

TL;DR Mess with my siblings, you die.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Up to snow good

Swinging off trees because posing next to them innocently is too mainstream.
Sempat jugak depa menari Oppa Gangnam Style, hahahehehuhu
Habis baju Hidayah dan Farahin...
Lovely Yana, "my number one fan"
My amazing friends, I will miss you a lot when you leave so I hope you enjoy yourselves, while you are here!
I'm happy because I got the chance to play in the snow with my friends. I get to see them get excited over their last winter, and run and chase each other with snowballs. They are such a large group and  when something large like that is suddenly removed from your life, it's obvious that something is missing. I really hope they make the most of the opportunities and experiences of staying here and that they enjoy it while it lasts. It seems that every year, I spend my snow days with different people. Last year, it was Asyraf and his friends, the year before that, Kak Habeebah and her friends. I wonder what next year will bring, but whatever it is, I look forward to it. Oh, Allah, please give me the strength and ability to face difficulties in my life, amin.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

I feel this tweet really helps and relates to my current situation. I am reminded that we 
won't always get what we want in this world, and that's just the way it's supposed to be.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Prophet (S.A.W) said: "Do not speak much without mentioning Allah, for too much speech without mentioning Allah hardens the heart, and the hard-heartened are the furthest of all people from Allah Most High."

A blessing in disguise.

Everyone grows up, everyone changes, and everyone matures.
My way of thinking now is completely different to how I used to think last year. Many things have happened in not just the space of a year, but the space of a few months. It's unbelievable how these experiences can really change you and mould you into a certain person. And I believe I am on the right path to becoming who I am supposed to be. I just think it's so amazing how Allah is able to plan all of this. Plan everything in this world and beyond. When you step back for a minute and notice all the things happening around you, you start to realise that these things happen for a reason.
Before, I was very stressed about the fact that I had to choose between Malaysia and England. But now I realise this is actually a blessing. Allah has given me many options and opportunities. And whatever happens, whatever I choose, good or bad, I will gain something from it. Be it, experience or friends, or even family... everything is a blessing in disguise.
On another note, another thing that I've recently noticed is that I'm becoming more and more Malaysian every day. And to be honest, it's not something I'm completely ecstatic about. Of course it's brilliant that I can finally communicate with my family, but I love the way I am, I love the fact that I'm different to everyone. I love my english-ness and I never ever want to lose that.
After having a discussion with someone the other day about "english-ness", I realise that some people just won't be able to understand, but I'm proud of who I am. It's my heritage. So please don't think I'm being egotistic when I talking with you, I'm just trying to fight for something that I feel is slowly slipping away from me.

I came across this photo on Facebook this morning and it felt somewhat relevant.
The barrier of the Two Seas. Google it! It's very interesting, subhanAllah. Amazinggg~

Saturday, 5 January 2013


I miss waking up, looking outside and seeing a jungle and knowing that the day will bring good things just because the sun is shining. And I go ride maktuk's bike around the kampung enjoying the view, maybe having conversations with residents who live nearby and end up making a fool of myself. Yes, I even miss that. And if I've remembered to bring money with me, I go buy roti canai or nasi lemak and drinks for breakfast. But when I arrive home, everyone is still sleeping and we fight about who has to shower first. Then we go off to whatever our plan was for the day.
I actually hate maktuk's house. It's dirty and small and there are creepy crawlies everywhere, but there are too many memories there. One day, that house will be the reason why I visit Alor Merah in the future, with my own family, insyaAllah.