Thursday, 4 July 2013

What is the use of silent gratitude?

As I sit here and watch the sun rise over the horizon and shine through the empty spaces between the trees, at the same old spot that I always watch it - my bedroom window, I can't help but be reminded of Malaysia. I think I miss Malaysia, the land where, for me, there are no impossibilities, and I am as free as a bird. A place where I can enjoy the moment, and not think about anything other than deciding what food I should order at the restaurant. I miss the scenery, and how much it made me glorify our Lord. I miss the humidity. I miss spending quality time with my family there. But I love it here too. I love it so much. The freshness of the air, our beautiful garden, the convenience of everything. So, I guess, I'm thankful that I am able to appreciate both. I really do love my life, and it's time I started showing my appreciation... towards my surroundings and the people surrounding me. I am not thankful enough for them, and I can never be. Allah has given me too much and I am going to appreciate it before it's too late.

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