Sunday, 12 May 2013

I think nowadays we really overlook the little things. Things that our ancestors fought for. We should be more grateful because the freedom we have now is all because they fought for it, they fought for a better place so we could have better lives. Before this, to love someone with a different skin colour to you was crazy, absurd, and impossible. But now we take things for granted. Even the fact that we can walk down the street safely, the fact that we have so many opportunities available to us and the fact that woman have equal rights, for example. I need to be thankful and appreciate more that I can live my life in peace because some people don't have that. Don't look at the things you don't have in your life, look at the things that you do. And when it comes to people, why are we always looking out for differences that set us apart? Look for the similarities that could be the first step to building a bridge towards a better friendship or relationship.