Monday, 31 December 2012

Still waiting...

18 hour transit on New Year's. I have a 4000 word dissertation due next week and I'm... posting on my blog instead, oops. I really miss the comfort of my home and my bed. I miss my friends, wearing jumpers, watching TV, and playing guitar. I've had a lovely holiday though. I never expected to meet my old friends but I did. Many photos and videos to upload but my assignments are my top priority as soon as I get back.

Bismillah, hello 2013

Thank You Allah for my family and my friends. Thank You for my sight, my hearing and my voice. Thank You for giving me the chance to have an education and the chance to keep on living so that I can become better and obey You and only You. Thank You for the life You have given me and thank You for always being there and also for Your constant forgiveness.

If I had to list everything that I'm thankful for, I will still be typing until my very last breath in this world.