Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Busy bee

Ya Allah, it is already March! Why is time flying by so fast? I've been very busy recently but now everything is back to normal. We can say hello to the sun and the spring, to the flowers and the birds, and goodbye to cold, winter days.

What I've been up to:

We finally did our performance for Warwick Mnight. It was nice to be a part of it again.

One last practice before the show!

Coventry University Malaysian Society at Warwick Malaysia Night 2013 :)

With Pei Shen and Amalina and I am wearing...a kebaya.

The audience! I don't know why, but it seems no matter how big or small an audience, I will always, always be nervous for a performance ;____; How do I get rid of this? More practice? Aiyaaa~

My Dikirians were ah-mazing. I'm very proud of them and I'm happy to know them.
I just feel a bit bad for letting them down with my poor performance, but what's done is done.

A couple of days after Mnight, I went to watch SingSoc Production of Twist of Fate. 
It was hilarious! I wish I could watch it again and bring along my other friends who didn't come.
I'll definitely be attending next year's, insyaAllah.

I wrote a new song!

CVUMASOC ice skating day :)

Kak Siti joined too, and she was so frightened like a little mouse. 
She couldn't even concentrate on looking at the camera!

It's not every day that I dapat keluar makan with Kak Siti. I will always see pictures of her makan sini, minum sana. I'm not a Warwick student ;___; and I'm not TESL. We ate at the Noodle Bar!

Not every day I get to keluar makan with these two, either!! Thank you Kak Siti for belanja-ing us ngee

We had lovely weather the other day, so I went out for a run.
(Funny thing is, it's snowing right now. Yep, in March, haha)

Allyanne was terribly ill for a week and she could hardly move or speak. It was nice because the house was quite and clean. She just slept and laid there. Cute... like a cat.


This time of year is usually the busiest because of my assignment and since it's my final year, I don't want to fail!! I.Must.Graduate. But it's so easy to get distracted, especially since there are so many events happening. It's super hard to prioritise things but a lot of my time is wasted on Twitter, Whatsapp, Line, and Instagram. Argh, social networking, damn youuuu!! I have one project due next Wednesday, 20th March, and then I have my final everything due 26th April. No Easter holiday for me then (but I don't deserve one, anyway). I just came back from Post Mnight Social. It makes me sad because I don't think I'll ever hang out or even see those people again. But that's another event, out of the way. The next one is this coming Friday, which is TTFN's Song for Friends. I don't really know what to say about it except, yes, I'm nervous.


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  1. you said I am a frightened little mouse?
    you are my little mouse!;p
    Let's go makan2 some more before I go back to Malaysia on June.
    Should we plan something to do together.
    Like watching movie and jalan2. :)