Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Winter doesn't want to leave. Even as I type this, it is snowing... in March. I remember, this time last year, there was a heatwave. Crazyyy

Last Saturday, Adam participated in Birmingham Malaysian Games where he played his all-time favourite sport, squash. (But at the end of the day, he said he never ever wants to play it again. I think he might be tired of it, haha.)
Adam with his medal
Participants, volunteers, a president and kak Umi
Sarah, Adam, me, and kak Umi
Despite the cold weather, we had such a nice day out...

The snow made the campus look like Narnia, so of course we had a bit of a photoshoot

The flowers don't stand a chance :( 
But these daffodils are fighting!

The snow is very deep. In some parts of the UK, vehicles, sheep and people
have been buried and trapped in the snow and have to be rescued.

These photos were all I took because my phone was low on battery and ran out of memory :(

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