Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Tick Tock

In one month, I will turn 21. I'm not like everyone else, panicking about getting older and not feeling young anymore. Thinking like that is so silly and close minded. You are as young as you want to feel or act, and there are many wonderful things in our future waiting to greet us, like new friends, new opportunities, new family members, our job, marriage, umrah... the list goes on. This life is short and it's a waste of time worrying about staying in the past or present. We are moving forwards and closer towards death without realising it. It's important to appreciate what we have while we have it and accept anything that Allah throws at us.
But to be completely honest, I did get a little shocked when I saw the number "21". I think this is because so many things have happened to me during the age of 20, and I felt like I didn't really want to let go of it because being 20 means those memories are still alive. I've never had that feeling before this (because nothing interesting really happened, haha.) But, like I said, time is moving quickly and there's nothing I can do but be thankful. I've really enjoyed being 20 and I look forward to what 21 brings.

20 and 2012/2013, I will miss youuuuu

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