Tuesday, 15 January 2013

A blessing in disguise.

Everyone grows up, everyone changes, and everyone matures.
My way of thinking now is completely different to how I used to think last year. Many things have happened in not just the space of a year, but the space of a few months. It's unbelievable how these experiences can really change you and mould you into a certain person. And I believe I am on the right path to becoming who I am supposed to be. I just think it's so amazing how Allah is able to plan all of this. Plan everything in this world and beyond. When you step back for a minute and notice all the things happening around you, you start to realise that these things happen for a reason.
Before, I was very stressed about the fact that I had to choose between Malaysia and England. But now I realise this is actually a blessing. Allah has given me many options and opportunities. And whatever happens, whatever I choose, good or bad, I will gain something from it. Be it, experience or friends, or even family... everything is a blessing in disguise.
On another note, another thing that I've recently noticed is that I'm becoming more and more Malaysian every day. And to be honest, it's not something I'm completely ecstatic about. Of course it's brilliant that I can finally communicate with my family, but I love the way I am, I love the fact that I'm different to everyone. I love my english-ness and I never ever want to lose that.
After having a discussion with someone the other day about "english-ness", I realise that some people just won't be able to understand, but I'm proud of who I am. It's my heritage. So please don't think I'm being egotistic when I talking with you, I'm just trying to fight for something that I feel is slowly slipping away from me.

I came across this photo on Facebook this morning and it felt somewhat relevant.
The barrier of the Two Seas. Google it! It's very interesting, subhanAllah. Amazinggg~

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