Saturday, 5 January 2013


I miss waking up, looking outside and seeing a jungle and knowing that the day will bring good things just because the sun is shining. And I go ride maktuk's bike around the kampung enjoying the view, maybe having conversations with residents who live nearby and end up making a fool of myself. Yes, I even miss that. And if I've remembered to bring money with me, I go buy roti canai or nasi lemak and drinks for breakfast. But when I arrive home, everyone is still sleeping and we fight about who has to shower first. Then we go off to whatever our plan was for the day.
I actually hate maktuk's house. It's dirty and small and there are creepy crawlies everywhere, but there are too many memories there. One day, that house will be the reason why I visit Alor Merah in the future, with my own family, insyaAllah.

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