Sunday, 20 January 2013

Up to snow good

Swinging off trees because posing next to them innocently is too mainstream.
Sempat jugak depa menari Oppa Gangnam Style, hahahehehuhu
Habis baju Hidayah dan Farahin...
Lovely Yana, "my number one fan"
My amazing friends, I will miss you a lot when you leave so I hope you enjoy yourselves, while you are here!
I'm happy because I got the chance to play in the snow with my friends. I get to see them get excited over their last winter, and run and chase each other with snowballs. They are such a large group and  when something large like that is suddenly removed from your life, it's obvious that something is missing. I really hope they make the most of the opportunities and experiences of staying here and that they enjoy it while it lasts. It seems that every year, I spend my snow days with different people. Last year, it was Asyraf and his friends, the year before that, Kak Habeebah and her friends. I wonder what next year will bring, but whatever it is, I look forward to it. Oh, Allah, please give me the strength and ability to face difficulties in my life, amin.

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