Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Perfect Weekend Getaway

This weekend, I went on a trip to Lake District with Coventry University Malaysian Society. I had 
such a fun time, I didn't want to go back home. These are a few photographs of the things we did :)

All set to leave for our first outing at Lake District
Everyone is quiet when eating 
Amazing scenery at the park
Hiking! I never realised how much fun hiking is. The view at the top is totally worth it.

We had a picnic on top of a mountain!
An amazing view, wherever we turned (except for the ground because there was sheep poo everywhere)

If you ever want to see the world,  climb to the top of a hill or a mountain. It will make you realise the beauty of Allah's creations, and how small we and are problems are, compared to our surroundings. SubhanAllah...
Beautiful flowers and trees everywhere
Our cottage was right next to a stream. The place we stayed at was very nice and calm.
I love gardens!... but I don't know how to garden :(
Making friends. Kak Sue thinks I'm gedik... which I'm totally not, by the way.
Kak Umi always takes care of me. I wish I could be as kind, hardworking, and as passionate as her.

A classic group photo in front of our beautiful cottage.
This sounds so cliché but we made some great memories. I had fun, so I'm extremely glad that I decided to go on this trip. They make me laugh a lot and I've learnt a few things from them. I hope to get more involved with the society.
President and Ex-President helping to prepare for din-dins, and kak Hannah bossing them around, haha.
Our table looks fantastic. I have never dined like this before!

Unexpected visit to Liverpool, but sadly, we arrived after The Beatles museum closed,  and I did not even have a chance to check out the Tate. Damn... I like Liverpool! It's such a nice place, and seems to have a lot of things. If I were to study or work there, I would be very happy! If not, I will come and visit again, another time!

I've learnt quite a few things from this trip. I've learnt that it's important to mix with different kinds of people with different opinions. Just because we do not agree with some things, does not mean a friendship cannot form from the little similarities that we might have. If we start listening to what the other has to say, even if we do not agree with it, we might learn something new and understand each other better. It's because of our lack of understanding, that we judge...

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